Warwick Corvette Bubinga VS Swamp Ash

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  1. looking through the pro audio canberra catalog i got in the post the other day i noticed theres a swamp ash corvette now?....how do these sound against the bubinga bodied ones?..do the swamp ash ones sound more like a jazz bass or still have that warwicky-ness about them..ive only ever played a 5 string corvette and love them, but im looking for a good 4 string...

    the corvette is sneaking up the list of a fair few others
  2. momo


    Oct 22, 2005
    Huntington Beach, CA
    What I liked so much about the bubinga is how much it didn't sound like my jazz. Before I bought it, I played a bunch of other warwicks, and the ones with maple or ash bodies didn't have enough of the signature warwick sound for me. This is not to say that this is a bad thing, I just figured I had those sounds covered, and the bubinga was a tone that would round out my bass collection.
  3. primus_55


    Dec 28, 2004
    Swamp Ash bodied vettes have been around for ages. the ash bodies sound nice. Very clean tone, not as aggressive as the bubinga ones. Much lighter body.

    The pro audio catalouge has some good stuff in it!
  4. I just sold my ash Corvette 5 to a fellow tb member in Perth. I also own a bubinga fretless Corvette.

    The ash still sounds like a warwick! Sweet slap tone. It was a LOT lighter than my bubinga one - although I think the full wenge neck on the fretless has something to do with the weight!

    They have been available for a while in Australia in ash - Ive had mine for 2 years and I think the cheaper price of the ash makes it good value.

  5. so if i get the ash corvette it'll sound somewhat simular to my ash body jazz....although it has been proven to me that ash bodied basses with 2 single coils sound best :D ....would it be worth forking out the extra $500aus for the bubinga bod?....

    so far my greatest temptors are the corvette, fender marcus miller, or going all out for a stingray, ash body of course :D
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    Aug 5, 2003
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  7. thats easy to say when we australians have to pay 3 times as much for a new stingray as you americans $3000aus at my local :crying: ..although they are $2600 at pro audio

    oh the other one thats always in the corner of my eye is a dean B2....or a peavey one if i can find one....they just look so sexy..and the piezo is another great option.....and the other one is an LTD jazz...i wish i had a higher paying job
  8. No - my ash corvette didnt sound like an ash body jazz - it sounded like a warwick - just a tad brighter - as I said, it still sounds like a warwick. $500 is worth it if thats the tone you want. If you can try both you will hear the tone difference.

  9. Go aussies!

    My corvette FNA sounds more like a warwick than a stingray (despite the ash body and mm pickup).
    IMO alot of the warwick sound comes from the neck woods and brass frets.
  10. Warwick...

    ..."The Sound of Wood."

  11. any wooden bass.....the sound of wood, pickups and hardware