Warwick Corvette Std NEW

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    Sep 10, 2002
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    Ok il selling this to get another warwick...its a std corvette that i bought in december of 2002...only problen with it is there is a rough spot aproximately 3 inches long...nothing that changes sound or anything its just sorta there plays amazingly.That and a thumb spot from where i place my thumb on the top pickup. I took off the nut that came with it instead for a new brass ajust-a-nut. Also its restrung...ill includ the gigbag...the war....the truss rod...and manuels. how does 650 sound?

    Anyone got any Warwick Streamer Std's with the 2 humbucker type pickups???
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  2. Can u plz post pics here or e-mail me some pics of it? My e-mail is [email protected]. Also, if I happen to be on when u are, my AIM is Tuck459. Thanks