Warwick cube 100 thread

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  1. Has you owned a Warwick Cube 100 combo?

    I have the offer for a old Warwick Cube 100 combo at a high price but the sound was quite interesting. I like the sound but since I only test it shortly so I wonder if that is really a good combo.
    Is it similar to the new Take 12?

  2. non :crying:
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    Feb 21, 2005
  4. resol

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    Feb 21, 2005
    reminds me of a markbass
  5. Thanks for supply me with review. Do you still have it? I wonder if it is really robust as the one for sale is absolutely been heavily used.
    I check with other maker in my local market and this bass is combo is the one with high output at this size. Belinger Turbo 1200 has too off-natural sound similar to Ibanez SW65. Netither of Hartke in this class can compare to this one.
    I like to have this one for my small gig only but of cause with the drumer.
  6. I also saw the Take 12 from Warwick but I think it is 80 Watts and 12" and make in China.