Warwick Custom Shop Showroom now open in Nashville!

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    May 15, 2012
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    The Warwick Custom Shop Showroom has moved from New York City and is now open in Nashville, TN!

    We have a great selection of over 100 Framus and Warwick instruments and even more amplifier options. Stop by and see us today to try out any of our instruments or just to hang! We're open Monday thru Friday 11-7 CST.

    1113 12th Ave S.
    Nashville, TN 37203

    Jon Giroux - Artist Relations Manager
    [email protected]

    Adam Ewbank - Repair Technician
    [email protected]

    (615) 730-6497

  2. To whom it may concern,

    First of all my apologies if I've contacted you on the wrong thread or site as I'm not great with these sort of things...

    I was hoping that I could when you have a moment ask you to part with some knowledge & advice on the Warwick Streamer Stage 1 1989 LTD Edition which I've added a few photographs for you to look at which is for sale at a store in Scotland UK & seriously thinking of purchasing it in its current pre-owned condition...

    I have wanted a Warwick Bass (predominantly a Thumb Bass) for years now & I just don't know enough about them to know if it's worth the asking price but more importantly if it has all the original parts... My main concern being the Bartolini Pickup & was that used in a Warwick Bass of that year as most of the information I've gathered in the last few hours doesn't either tell or show me much...

    I know I will most likely pay more buying from a shop rather than a private purchase which I don't have an issue with but as you can see with the images I've sent you there is next to know information regarding this bass from website it's advertised on & when I called the shop that's selling this particular bass they didn't seem to sure themselves if it shipped originally will the Bartolini pickup...

    So that's why I've come to ask you an actual dealer in Warwick Bass Guitar...
    I'd great appreciate any information you hopefully can provide in assisting me with the hopeful purchase of my first beautifully crafted & built Warwick Bass Guitar...

    I wish you all a wonderful weekend ahead of you & my warmest kind regards...


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  3. Hey Paul - I'm not warwick... but I do know that the pickup is original - back then they used EMG, Bart, Alembic, Seymore Duncan, before starting to use their own MEC stuff. My 1985 Thumb has active Seymore duncans in them for example! If you google early warwick dolphins from a similar era you will see barts being used.

    If you search basschat you will see other 1989 LTD streamers in the UK, and them being sold with the prices.
    The shop it's in are normally pretty good at being talked down in price... but it is at the higher end of what its probably worth.... how does it play?
    to put it in context my 1985 thumb 4 string cost me about half the ticket price and my streamer stage one half again (though that was a massive bargain) If it's amazing to play then go for it - but a thumb and a streamer are chalk and cheese
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  4. I went to this shop about a month ago it was killer all the basses were setup really nice and got to play some great 6 string basses

  5. Hi Luke the Fluke,

    My sincere apologies for the lateness of my reply to say the least, all I can say is it's a long story.

    I wanted to thank you for your useful information & to let you know I did purchase the Warwick Streamer Stage 1 LTD Edition Bass (1989) that I asked you about & yes it's completely different to the Thumb Bass, but I absolutely love it.

    Whoever had it before me really looked after it even though you could tell it'd been used for regular gigging.

    There's some slight belt or button marks as per the usual with second hand bass guitars & their previous owners who wear metal objects that will damage the finished woodwork on the rear but apart from that it's an amazingly built & versatile sounding bass, one of the best I've owned in fact.

    High praise indeed as I'm a huge fan of any MusicMan Bass by Ernie Ball or Leo Fender, Wal MK1, Aria Pro II SB1000 original Matsumoku (made in Japan) make from the late 70's & early 80's, Alembic, Jaydee Supernatural, & Status to name but a few that I'd love to own.

    Once again Thank You for your input...