Warwick Dolphin Pro I 5

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  1. Does anyone have any expirience with this bass? I play a lot of funk and jazz, I slap and tap and play fingerstyle a lot. What do you think about it? I have heard only good things about it, I'm just trying to find out if its worth it. Thanks, nate
  2. I have a 1990 and the playability is stellar. it has an extremely wide neck that I have grown to really appreciate. It (the neck) is qute flat and huge but a real pleasure to play. The string spacing is very wide. I did however find the overall sound a little "polite" and changed the electronics from the MEC/Bartolini setup to an Alembic one. I suppose I could have just replaced the preamp but what the hell. Sometimes I think it still lacks "cojones" but I always come back to it after trying others due to its buttery neck. I used to be such quite the "pencil" neck guy but now wouldn't consider playing any other instrument. If you slap and especially tap then this is the instrument for you.

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    Cool bass.......but I dig the socks better !!! :) !!

    I have a Dolphin Pro I ...4 string. It is a slapmaster !!!!! Very light and easily flung about.

    I need to crank up the bass-knob though....as it tends to be on the thin side.......I'm sure its the same with the 5'er....and what is described as polite.

    Overall.....Cool bass

  4. well if its so "polite" why does it seem that from stefan lessard's(dave matthews band) that it has a ton of attack punch growl and just bites like a beast? i'm sure obviously his rig has to do with it, but does anyone know is his dolphin different in some way?(i'm talking about the songs he uses/used to use it on, you can tell when he plays one of his modulus' vs the warwick though, very easy to tell)
  5. I'm glad you like my socks.....it gets a little nippy up here in Canada-land!
    I think Lessard's tone most likely has allot to do with studio tweaking and his live rig. I use my Mesa M2000 and get a growly full tone from the tube preamp. I'm sure if the trashy MEC preamp was replaced you'd end up with a better sound overall. MEC really is garbage as far as I'm concerned. Maybe he uses stainless steel strings....EQ's the heck out of it, I don't know. Stock, they are a little "safe" sounding.
  6. on more question...
    -how does it balance? it says that due to its shape is is supposed to balance perfectly
  7. Like a hand in glove...fine corinthian leather.When I play, my bass becomes one with my body. It's really quite wonderful. I wouldn't let anyone else do this with her (it.) Just wouldn't feel right. That bass is a part of me now....