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Warwick Dolphin SN: impressions and questions

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Kroy, Feb 13, 2006.

  1. Kroy


    Jan 19, 2006
    I know... I ask a lot of questions.

    So I've got my eye on this Warwick Dolphin SN in a local music store. I've played it a couple of times and really like the feel and sound of it. It's very warm and dark with a good punchy middle when I need it. The only tone I didn't seem to be able to dial up was a really sharp attack in the high end for funky pops. It was pretty good but not quite as 'all the way' that I wanted it. It was always more tone than percussive 'snap' (does that make sense?). It's used and the price tag on it is $1600. I think I could get it for $1200.

    Is this just a limitation on the instrument or is it because I just didn't twist the right knobs and move the right sliders? I'm more than willing to accept that as a possibility.


    Is it because of the electronics? I've heard over and over again that the MEC pickups in the Warwick basses are less than stellar. Is this the kindof thing that could possibly be remedied by replacing the electronics and dropping in a new preamp?

    Also, does anyone have any experience with the Dolphin Pros andthe SNs and can talk a little bit about their similiarities, differences, the things that one model does better than the other?

  2. rockstarbassist

    rockstarbassist Banned

    Apr 30, 2002
    The Woodlands, TX
    Endorsing Artist: HCAF
    For $1200 I'd pick up a Dolphin, no matter how it sounded! Haha...
    I've played some with Barts and they were as bright and punchy and poppy as you could ever want. I guess maybe the MEC's just don't do it as well..? I love Dolphins.
  3. LiquidMidnight


    Dec 25, 2000
    Bump, because I too would like to hear a someone do a comparison.
  4. SteveC

    SteveC Moderator Staff Member Supporting Member

    Nov 12, 2004
    North Dakota
    Never played a SN, but I had a 5 string Pro. I loved the B string. I hated everything else. It was heavy, didn't balance, wasn't versitile, yuk. Of all the higher end basses I've owned - and it's been a few - this was my least favorite. I sold it within a week.
  5. jasonbraatz


    Oct 18, 2000
    Oakland, CA
    I'd have them throw a set of strings that you are familiar with on before purchasing it.
  6. Lo end PUNCH

    Lo end PUNCH

    Jan 28, 2005
    4 or 5 string?
  7. BillytheBassist


    Aug 18, 2005
    I've tried a few times to get someone to post soundclip's or pic's or impression of the dolphin SN for awhile. Hope somebody hooks it up!
  8. Kroy


    Jan 19, 2006
    That's kinda my impression, only I'm getting married in a few months and all extra cash is going towards to that. My future-wife really has some nerve.

    5 string, sorry, I should've mentioned that.

    The strings are pretty heavy for me (I like really really light guage strings - like .40 'G' string). As to the other stuff, I tried it with a strap and it balanced well on me but thats probably a personal thing. The neck's a touch chunkier than I'm used to (but I'm used to a Danelectro Longhorn shortscale so.... yeah :rolleyes: ). There's pretty much nothing about the way it plays that I don't like, and for the most part, that goes for the sound as well. It was just that one kindof tone that I tried to get and couldn't and am wondering if I could fix that later by swapping out the preamp and pick-ups. (I wasn't sure if this should go inthe Bass or Electronics forum, I ended up sticking it here.) It sounds like it may be so that pleases me. Now I just have to scrape together a few hundred bucks so I can put it on layaway and reserve it before some schmo comes in and whisks away my darling.

    IF I get it, I'm sure I'll be happy to put up some clips of it's sound. I might make my fiance take some artsy photos of it. My recording gear kinda sucks and my playing will likely kill you, dead, but that's the price you pay.
  9. GSRLessard14

    GSRLessard14 All-Things-Claypool Enthusiast

    Jun 23, 2005
    Newington, CT
    i loooooooooove the look of the dolphin, sn more so than the pro. Never got a chance to play one though...
  10. Kroy


    Jan 19, 2006
    Yeah well, you're getting a Carl Thompson so you can bite me.
  11. GSRLessard14

    GSRLessard14 All-Things-Claypool Enthusiast

    Jun 23, 2005
    Newington, CT
    Don't hate! :hyper:
  12. Kroy


    Jan 19, 2006
  13. Charmand G

    Charmand G

    Nov 30, 2005
    There`s your perfect wedding gift!!!:D

    ....bah, who wanted a cruise anyway....:bag:
  14. Kroy


    Jan 19, 2006
    Tell me about it. I just gotta convince her of that! Cruises cause cancer, it's a proven fact.
  15. Kroy


    Jan 19, 2006
    I have a quick question about this. Did you buy a dolphin without playing it first? So all the things you didn't like about it were a surprise?
  16. BillytheBassist


    Aug 18, 2005
    The last few post's cracked me up... That would be killer if you get it, pleeeeease post sound clip's pic's etc, I've been gassin for one of those for quite some time.. I beleive bass central keep's the SN's in stock. :bassist:
  17. Kroy


    Jan 19, 2006
    Oh, you can bet your bottom dollar if I get one there will be pics and clips aplenty. I'll subject you all to my sub-par playing and stupid pics of me with a Gi-normous sh*t eating grin on my face. Then there will be videos of the basses first words, first steps, birthdays, cute little sailor outfits, you know how it goes.
  18. Kroy


    Jan 19, 2006
    *gasp* We have a startling new development in the "Kroy-needs-a-Dolphin-so-bad-he-can-taste-it" situation. Two Words:

    Tax Refund, baby

    More as it developes.