Warwick: First GAS symtoms (sp?)

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  1. For the first time, I have the serious desire of buying a bass for pure GAS.. I just got my first 5er (Ibanez BTB405) 3 months ago.. And I'm already thinking about getting a new one..

    Check this out..
    I found the page of a warwick dealer in Argentina which has put on sale some warwicks.. some of them are incredibly cheap!

    - warwickbass.com:

    CORVETTE "Standard"

    6 String (A-A, MEC soapbars) $1,999

    - http://www.todomusica.com.ar/warcorve.htm:

    Warwick Corvette
    Standard ST-6
    OFERTA u$s 807

    Cuerpo Bubinga
    Mástil Ovankol
    Clavijas Cromadas 3 +3
    Diapasón Wenge
    Nro. de Trastes: 24
    Micrófonos 2 MEC Activos Soapbar
    Controles Tono - Volumen - Balance
    Escala de Diapasón: 43.31"

    They haven't replied to my email so I don't know if they have more models on sale.. but at least the corvettes are at less than half their price in the US..
  2. They will not reply your email.

    I send 3 emails and nothing happened.

    Actually, my aunt in Argentina will buy the same bass for me if i tell her to do it (she has already MY money). But i'm a little doubtful about do the final step to do it.

    You will not find a cheaper new Warwick, that's true, but their lack of customer support is something to think about. If i'm going to spend US$800 on a bass, i want some answers first!


    PS. Si quieres saber más detalles, enviame un PM y te responderé a la brevedad.

  3. vegaas


    Nov 6, 2001
    If you get a Warwick you will love it. I am probably going to spouting forth the virtues of Warwick Thumbs on this board for the next year or so now that I have mine. Then when I do add another bass, it will be either a Spector NS4CRFM or Modulus, then I will be spouting forth the virtues those basses. ;)