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Warwick Fortress Bass

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Drake, Jun 20, 2002.

  1. Ok I am going to look at a used fortress tonight or tomorrow. I need a run down on these warwicks. I am not sure if it is the double j or the pj config... It is a 4 string bass. I need pricing info so I do not get robbed if I like it. I also need to know what problems if anything to look for in these basses thank you, all info is crucial.


  2. Update, the guy called back. It is around a 93 and it is natural finish (maple). The asking price is 800$ canadian so around 500 and something american. What do you think about this transaction, maybe I could move it to like 700-750 possibly cause it is a must sell item.


  3. jasonbraatz


    Oct 18, 2000
    Oakland, CA
    4 string SHOULD be a PJ unless it's a masterman.

    93 should be nice.

    just see if it has active electronics or not. if it does $500 is a great price. if not, it becomes a merely good price.
  4. Thank you for the insight. I will check if its active on the phone tomorrow. If not I will still be interested and go check it out. It sounds like a good find.

    Any more opinions would be great.

  5. bump
  6. I love the Fortress One,haven't tried the Masterman though. Nice neck, very smooth, really light weight, woody tone that's sweet at the same time, like chocolate and caramel. Mmmmmm,
    I think $500 is definately a good price for it, personally.

    Also, just as a bit of a digression, The Fortress R&B (I think that's what it's called) had a double J pickup setup on 4s, I'm haven't played it, though I suspect its more "j sounding".
  7. Thanks BWW, I am getting a bit excited to check it out. I think as long as it is in good condition and I like it better than my sr400 :D I will pick it up because the price is right and I could easily move it for the same money again in the future. Thats why I love used gear :)

    more comments?

  8. b b b bump city!
  9. Looks like you're consumating a screamin' deal. I personally think that the Fortress body is a bit too in that 80's metal angular guitar league, and thus prefer the Corvette and Streamer body styles. You will need Dunlop Straplocks, so be sure to ask the guy for 'em, as on this model they are countersunk into the bass and a regular strap is useless. Unless I miss my guess, the configuration is PJ, with 2-band active EQ and blend. You don't mention a case. All Warwicks save for the Thumb, Dolphin and Infinity models will fit the same universal Warwick hardshell, and their soft gig bags are decent too. I use both, depending on the situation. Compared to the Streamer and Corvette models that I have had or own now, you will have better upper register access. All Warwicks are at least 24 frets, but the Fortress has less of a lower horn due to the massive upper horn. Bump on, my brutha.
  10. thanks for the reply... I am starting a new thread about my purchase right now... thanks dude!!!

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