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  1. I would like some more info about the Fortress One. Couldnt find much about it with search, everyone seems to have a corvette, streamer or thumb :meh:

    In my local guitar store, they have a new, natural, 4-string, P/J passive one for sale. It costs € 900.
    First of all, is this a good price for this one? I cant find any other store that still has it.

    I played it for a while. Sounded quite good actually. Im returning for it this week, im gonna ask if they could raise the action a bit (fret buzz!!! those bridges should be raiseble all together right?).

    I'm gonna use it in a '80s metal band, things like megadeth.

    On tone, i like heavy, finger, with a tad of punch. I do NOT like dave ellefon's P-tone for example, that just turns me off :)

    Is this a good idea?
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    Apr 17, 2000
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    I don't know how the currency converts to dollars to know if it is a good buy or not. The passive model (properly known as the Fortress One R&B) was the bottom of the line Warwick when it was made. The instrument quality of these are exactly like the active models, just with passive pickups and no preamp. I personally love the Fortress design...other then the Infinity it is my favorite Warwick design...and it balances good with the extended upper horn. I have seen the active ones go in the $600 range, so the passive should be a bit less then that.

    Do you like the sound? I have a fretted Corvette 4 with the passive J's and the pickups don't so much for me. On the other hand, I also have a fretless Corvette 4 with the passive J's the sounds really good. Personally, I would look for an active version, either with the P-J pickup combination or a Fortress One Masterman with the Double-J. These are both killer!

    Just my two cents worth...

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