Warwick / Framus players Face to Face - 1 - Ryan Martinie and John B Williams!

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    May 15, 2012
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    Everybody is bound to have come across countless artist interviews consisting of musicians responding to questions posed by journalists. However, where do you find musicians acting as both the interviewer and the interviewee? And be honest: Wouldn't this style of interview also be a lot more exciting?

    For the very first part of our exclusive series "'Warwick/Framus Players Face To Face", we have chosen two world-renown Warwick endorsers, whose musical career couldn't be any more different. World class jazz bassist John B. Williams started his professional career as an upright player in the 1960s. He has shared both stages and recording studios with legends such as Billy Cobham, Dizzy Gillespie and Louis Armstrong. In this video, John meets Nu metal legend Ryan Martinie, who rose to world-wide superstardom in 2000 thanks to the raw and aggressive sound of his group Mudvayne. Recently, Ryan has also toured with Korn, one of the world’s most famous nu-metal outfits. The result is an exciting meeting of two Warwick endorsers belonging to two very different generations. The interview is led by Ryan whose deep respect for John’s career and experience is evident from the start. And as a result, music is not the only topic being discussed throughout the interview. Further subjects include the importance of wisdom, family, being eco-conscious, as well as politics.

    And this is only just the beginning. In the coming five months, a new, exclusive interview will be released each week. All of them will be added to the section "Warwick/Framus Players Face To Face", so be sure to check our official website regularly!

    Watch the video, here: