Warwick $$ fretless 4 Corvette bass F/S custom shop

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  1. This is a quality bass – it is a German made Warwick Corvette $$ Custom Shop model – that it is Custom Shop means a better finish, and it also has the ‘fat’ neck (Wenge), which gives better tone through the heavier neck mass (these stopped being standard in I think 2009). I prefer the thicker neck for the left hand too. Fretboard is ebony. Side-marks on the neck are put where the frets would be. Body is swamp ash. The $$ Corvette variant gives you a very wide range of tones some of which have a very full timbre. It has a two band on-board preamp (pull-push on the volume knob to turn it on and off, useful if the battery decides to go flat when playing live) and three-position individually switchable pickups (twin coil, humbucker series and humbucker parallel). Two classic options are the twin-coil settings, which are passives (on standard Warwicks with a preamp the pickups are actives, which reduces the tone), and the series humbucker setting, which gives something like a MusicMan option. Pan to the bridge pickup in either of those settings and you get superb fretless tone, and there are many more options. The bass is very well balanced and beautifully put together. The truss rod is not tight and the bass comes with a Warwick truss-rod adjuster, which I use to keep the action set right for decent mwah. The bass comes with the Warwick file of certificates etc, and their soft gig bag. There are heaps of fretless Corvette Standards for sale and almost none of these $$s, for good reason. My only reason for selling it is that I have shifted to 5 string basses so I do not play it any more. Otherwise I would hang on to it. A quality bass. Over $3500 RRP new.

    $1450 plus delivery - Melbourne (Australia)

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  2. Neck wood is Ovangkol not Wenge - checked the Serial Number on the Warwick site and got this :

    Serial number:
    C 153709 10

    Article number:


    CO Corvette $$, 4-string
    Honey Violin Oil finish
    Swamp Ash body
    Ovangkol neck
    Black hardware

  3. SOLD