warwick heads? (sonic II or III)

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  1. these new models of warwick heads came out recently, both are solid state and 200 and 300 watt respectively. i was wondering first off does anyone have any thoughts or opinions on warwick amps, just generally or these in particular? secondly does anyone know anything about what these two heads will be priced around? i'm looking around for an amp head for at max about 400, i'm thinking ashdown(good specials on the mag) hartke(theres a 3500 that might be what i'm looking for around that price) and then theres thoughts of a gk, but i'm totally open to any suggestion and help. carvin sounds interesting but i'd prefer to be able to try out an amp before buying(which is also my problem with ashdown) thanks
  2. Aenema


    Apr 18, 2001
    my local music store has a warwick amp and 4x10 cab. the head is a hybrid and sounds very good. the cab sounds very very good. one of the best 4x10s ive played out of. (in a music store anyway, gig is a lot different) the cab is the high end one but its been on the floor for a while so its marked down to 600. the head is expensive. around 1200 i think but thats a hybrid and 600 watts i think. im sure the solid state heads would be cheaper.