Warwick Infinity 5/ SVT4PRO/(2)PR410HLF(s)

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  1. celphelp


    Jul 2, 2003
    I will put up pictures ASAP But I am selling my entire rig. A Warwick Infinity 5 string semi hollow, Awsome Bass. Retails around $4500. You could pick one up for between $2700-$3000. This Bass is about 1.5 years old. Perfect. Yes Perfect Condition! Still under warrenty

    SVT4PRO All you bassists know all about this head already. It comes with a heavy duty road ready case (or rack) Retails for about $1799 you could probably pick one up for around $1100-$1300. 2yrs old. Perfect condition, never a problem. 1600watts mono. Still under warrenty.

    Also I have 2 PR410hlf's Heavy duty shells ready for the road. 1200 watts. couple of scratches on the shells that could easily be covered up by a black marker. Nothing wrong with shell or speakers. Still under warrenty. Retail for ??????. Probably could pick them up for between $750 and $850 each.

    I have all speakon cables, a Zoom FX pedal, strap with lockons and case for the warwick. and i have another 5 string schecter bass.

    Hoping to sell all together but will cell seperate if I have to. give me your numbers!!!!!

    Picks will come as soon as i find someone with a camera.

    fillinill@yahoo.com or just contact thru this site