Warwick Infinity SNTCS 5 Neck Issue Glue?

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  1. Funker Franc

    Funker Franc

    Dec 29, 2014

    I am seeking some assistance and opinions.

    I have an Warwick Infinity SNTCS 5 string bass, which I purchased second hand back in 2007.

    I haven't played with this bass for 8-10 months and the bass is stored in a hard case when not in use.

    I took the bass out the other day and there appears to be a white line at the bottom of the neck at the body of the bass (to the right of the neck in the below photos). This white line appears on both sides of the neck bottom.




    These white lines don't appear on the back of the bass.

    I'm not sure if this is glue that has risen to the surface from the joints over time. I have little knowledge on the wood of these basses, but do apply beeswax to the wood every 3-6 months as recommended by a music shop I once took the bass to.

    I was wondering if this is a major issue and was seeking advice on what to do?

    Warwick doesn't have a service centre in Australia. I'm not sure who to take this to if it requires to be repaired

    Any advice you can offer would be much appreciated and thank you for your time.


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    Nothing to worry about, that I can see. The white stuff is dried residue from the wax you are applying. You can see it in the pores of the rest of the wood, like on the side of the fingerboard. The reason that you are seeing the white lines is because the residue is packing into tiny gaps right at those glue seams. Those tiny gaps are the result of the years going by. The wood shrinks a bit as it slowly dries out, and the glue actually pulls back slightly into the gap. It's not an indication that the bass is falling apart. That's normal wood shrinkage. If it were painted, you'd see a little seam in the finish.

    If the white line bothers you, wipe the area gently with a soft cloth and a bit of alcohol. You can also use black or brown tinted wax. Add some tint to the wax you are using. Or go over it with a little bit of brown shoe polish.
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