Warwick Jack Bruce Limited Edition Thumb

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    Dec 18, 2005
    I bought this 6 years ago as an investment bass. I have never played it out. I played it maybe an hour to just get the feel of it. (I am a P bass guy who plays the Blues) It is probably one of the most limited basses ever made. It sold for $8995 new in 2002. From what I can find out Warwick made between 80 and 100 total world wide. Only 40 made it to the US. 20 fretted and 20 fretless. This one is fretted. It is as cool as it gets. They took their top of the line neck through thumb bass, added LED fret markers, special electronics and it has Jack Bruce's signature embedded in Mother of Pearl. If you are a Jack bruce Fan, Cream, whatever it is a peace of history. It is perfect as they get for one that has been played. No scratches (other than superficial almost impossible to see), dings, chips, etc.. Neck is perfect as is fretboard. It does have 2 small marks under the E string between the pickups where the previous owner must have had a thumb rest installed and then removed and had the holes filled. if you keep the bass waxed or oiled (I prefer lemon oil) it is hardly noticeable. The picture is before I oiled the bass so they show a bit. (I do not want to hide anything) It comes with the original flight case (the most heavy duty case I have ever seen, as if designed for international travel) and the Warwick Manual and manual case. The flight case does show use. Dings, etc, but inside and around the seal and latches it is perfect. I will sell it for $3995 and I will pay shipping in the US. (probably will cost me $150 to ship and insure it)

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