Warwick Just a Nut question

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  1. theos


    Nov 26, 2011
    So just like all others, I've got a broken Just a Nut. Mine has the Just a Nut 2. My question... Should I go with a new Just a Nut and if so, is one more dependable than the other?

    From what I read, they all break and seems like this has been an issue for a while. I know my old Corvette 5 string's nut broke as well back in the day.

    I was thinking I'd just go ahead and buy the brass just a nut. Is it more reliable? Is it worth the $130 it cost? I see standard brass nuts for Warwick basses on eBay for 15 bucks. Any advice?
  2. landau roof

    landau roof Reupholstered User

    Jul 29, 2010
    Downstate CA
    I've never had a JANII w/ broken ears do anything foul other than be annoying w/ string changes. You can leave it as is, really.