SOLD Warwick Masterbuilt Corvette $$ NT 2017 Bubinga- Natural Oil Finish

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    CF49099D-2B43-41FB-83E8-78A3A9EF2708.png E35CE343-0A4A-44D0-A3CF-0F84197BD83A.png 3D8680D6-D4E1-4825-AF60-1F2136B7E727.png 9820AAA4-5D2F-4317-987E-29166E4256CB.png 0A9CB787-DE0F-49CA-AD28-02B4C9753FEC.png F565D7EB-1AEB-46C3-A272-953E8011AFC5.png 6B5F82B9-C21B-401A-A545-2117E7D03010.png C9B85E77-2AE9-435A-A977-4CB60B40D094.png 710CB981-919F-473D-9AF5-5FAA0371E040.png A1A81E2C-07B6-4971-8241-8216B01BC654.png

    Brand new, unused Warwick Masterbuilt Custom Shop Corvette $$ NT Bubinga, 5-String - Natural Oil Finish. Everything down to the custom wooden tuning pegs is stunning. The sound is like a fancy jazz club and picks up even the lightest notes clear as a bell. Comes with metal road case, certificate of authenticity and toolkit. You won’t be disappointed, will also take trades. I’m selling because it’s a 5 string and I hardly ever use B string except for songs like Superstition

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    Omg even if it doesn't somehow sell, these photos!
    GLWTS, though :)!
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    Very nice! Do you happen to know the nut width and string spacing at the bridge?
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    Sep 5, 2022
    Thank you! Taken on Hasselblad H5D medium format camera
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    Sep 5, 2022

    Thanks! Nut width: 1 3/4”
    String spacing at bridge: 2 1/2”

    Everything is adjustable with patented easily adjustable nut
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