SOLD Warwick MEC BEC-III 3-band Onboard Bass Preamp PRE-WIRED German Custom Shop for use w/Active Pickups

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    For Sale is a Warwick MEC BEC-III 3-band onboard bass preamp removed from a German Custom Shop Warwick bass. As you can see in the photos, it is in excellent condition and everything works great and as it should. It is pre-wired just as it came in the bass for active pickups, such as MEC Gold pickups, active EMG pickups or active Seymour Duncan Basslines pickups. The control layout for the 4-potentiometers is:
    • 1- Stacked Master Volume and Pickup Balance with push/pull to activate or bypass the preamp
    • 2- Bass (boost/cut)
    • 3- Midrange (boost/cut)
    • 4- Treble (boost/cut)
    I’m asking $130 including shipping to the CONUS. Please PM me with interest. Thanks for looking!

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