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warwick meets fender

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by warwickben, Jun 21, 2002.

  1. i have a fender 62 jazz bass pickup reissue.can i puit it in my passive warwick.i just want to un soder and put that one in.also how can i make it so when its at 50 50 there no hum .
  2. help my warwick has one wire from the pickup the fender is two how do i ook them up to the blend
  3. i had my brother add the 62 fender jaz pickup and it kicks but.i get a mwah sound out of the bass and its fretted.when i have just thr bridge the fender pickup its made has a deep bottom end and what not same thing with the pan just to the neck but when the pan is 50 50 sounds liek there no bass liek just mids and up. i dont know how to explain the sound.the same thing happens when i play any bass with a pan.
  4. i'm pretty sure i've seen this come up before. the pickup signals are exactly out of phase and are cancelling each other. you'll have to reverse the wiring on ONE of the pickups.

    any other suggestions are appreciated too.......
  5. ill try that soon but i dopnt think that is the thing.i think 9it mite be the way they sound togarther who knows illbring it to a shop when i get cash.
    if you have a warwick and a set of fender 62 pickups for a jazz bass or just one i say pput it in your warwick its just a sick tone.

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