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  1. Is anyone out there aware of whether or not the necks for warwick basses are interchangable (ie could I put a corvette neck on a fortress)?

    In an ideal situation, I would get my hands on an ocean blue fortress in mint condition, order a new neck via the custom shop with an ebony fretboard, planet inlays, the brass nut, and silver tuning keys with a D-Tuner. Then I'd just slap that in the existing fortress, perhaps replace the MEC stuff with seymour duncan stuff, and go to town.

    Jesus, I need alot more money.
  2. The necks are interchangeable but I'm not sure if Warwick would sell just a neck, I know they wouldn't a few years back, they only sent necks out as warranty replacements, but they may have changed there policy now?

    Another watchout is how well the neck fits or doesn't fit! I had a new Warwick several years ago that wouldn't set up at all, the action wouldn't go down, just had loads of trouble with it, e-mailed the importer at the time (not the current UK importer) and got no where so e-mailed Warwick who got the importer back on it and they ended up fitting a new neck!!

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    I know back in the 90s they definitely were interchangeable. Couple of years ago however, I wanted a fretless neck for my Corvette and they wouldn't sell it to me. One of the best customoer service departments on the planet, but no new necks.
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    I seem to remember recently that someone did manage to persuade them to send them a fretless neck after they gave them the serial numbers of their bass and some other stuff, either way I think they got their neck in the end.
  5. Hopefully the information about the bass (when and if I ever get it) and enough green paper will persuade them to do me the same courtesy.