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Warwick Passive to Active swap

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by goofybassist, Feb 4, 2014.

  1. goofybassist


    Oct 29, 2011
    Hey there folks, Hope all is well in the bass world!
    I have a question. So I have a 2006 Warwick Corvette Rock Bass, active, four string. Has four knobs; volume, blend, bass, treble (I believe that is what they are).
    I also have a 2004 Warwick Corvette STD 4 string (German made) with passive pickups, three knobs; volume, blend, tone(I think).

    Both basses have MEC pickups in them. My question is, are these two pickup systems both indeed the same, and if so, can I take out the active preamp from the RB and put it into the German Warwick? Therefore, making the German Warwick active. Also, is it possible to custom install a switch that is similar to the push/pull active/passive knob on the German factory active Corvettes?

    Is the Preamp from the RB the same that they install in factory German Warwick basses? If not, any recommendations of after market pickups/preamps that have a similar tone as the factory MEC pickups.

    Thank you guys so much!
  2. Taking a passive 'wick and giving it a larger pair is fun and easy. Leave the RockBass alone and go with higher-end aftermarket preamps. Your easiest bet would be an EMG BTC control, which leaves the volume and blend knobs alone, and gives you stacked bass & treble controls (the frequency centers of which are user-adjustable, prior to sealing up the control cavity). If you have your own soldering iron and know-how, you can do this mod for around $100US. There's other preamp options, too, like having your volume and blend on one concentric dual pot, followed by your treble & bass, and then a parametric mid. It's time for you to do your research, online.
  3. goofybassist


    Oct 29, 2011
    Right on man, thanks for hitting me back. Just to clarify, the pickups that are stock in my German wick can stay during this operation?