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Warwick Pro 410

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by chips, Dec 28, 2005.

  1. Gday guys

    So, whats your opinion on these cabs?

    Im pretty sure im about to buy one tomorow. I tried it out today with my GK 400RB head i just bought and it sounded quite nice. Pretty dark, heavy and punchy sounding. It didnt have the best highs, due to it not having a horn, but with boosting the treble it wasnt too bad. Plus my strings are completely dead.

    SO i just want to make sure theres no horror stories abou them. And basicallu just want your views to confirm my thoughts on this cab :p

    Chips :bassist:
  2. Possu jam

    Possu jam

    May 16, 2004
    I have the Warwick 2x10 pro cab.

    It sounds very good, and with the horn, it´s very versatile.
  3. So did you buy that beauty??
  4. I also rate the 2x10, nice tone. Would be interested to hear what the 4x10 is like, or indeed the 1x15!
  5. Also a review about the 411 cab would come handy :)
  6. yesh, i did buy it... i should pick it up next week. Then im chucking the 211 (which is a 210, dunno why its called 211 :meh: ) ontop. It actually works out MUCH cheaper then the 610, and for practise i have the option of just running the 211.
  7. How much did you snag the 411 for?
  8. $580 new ;)
  9. Wow! Congrats mate!
    Was that the Neo model?l
  10. no, unfortunately. If i got a neo for that price, i would have a woody :p

    Got it from mega music, theyd had it in there for quite a while. Which makes me think its the german made one, which are selling for about $1099 at kosmic :eek: if its not, its still a good price for a decent cab, all the same components but just made in china with cheaper labour and i cant see there being dodgey things happen with the cab.

    I played it with über dead strings and it had a dark heavy tone, but no horn so no highs really shone through. BUT, my strings were DEAD, and i mean DEAD! Once i pick it up, Paul at music park is gonna try hook me up with the 211 to put ontop of it, and it has a horn so some more highs will come through. With my bass strung with Lo Riders, my GK400RB head, and a bass exciter and punch factory to add with the other pedals, i think it will sound pretty sweet :D

  11. That's a sweet price dude!

    Congrats :)
  12. What's the difference between neo cabs and the rest?? The neo cabs are lighter and more powerfull but these two facts can't explain the big difference of the prices
  13. I think they have better quality speakers. And a white grill! :p ill check out the warwick site and report back....
  14. Okay.. so i checked them out. And i'll write out all the points so you can see the the differences.

    Warwick 410 Pro
    - 4 10" Eminence standard speakers
    - 300watts RMS
    - Frequency response = (-3dB) 50 Hz - 6 kHz
    - Low Frequency = (-10dB) 44Hz
    - Sensitivity = (1W/1M) 101dB
    - 8 ohms
    - Vented Cabinet
    - 31kg / 71lbs
    - Dimensions = (HxWxD) 675 x 605 x 485mm

    Warwick 411 Neo
    - 4 10" Neodynium speakers
    - 1 HF horn with attenuator
    - 800watts RMS
    - Frequency response = (-3dB) 50 Hz - 15 kHz
    - Low Frequency = (-10dB) 44Hz
    - 8 ohms
    - X over (horn high pass) 4, 5 kHz
    - Vented cabinet
    - 28kgs
    - Dimensions = 715 x 640 x 365mm

    Meh, i cant justify the price difference for some more power, different speakers, and a horn. It still works out cheaper to buy a 410 pro and putting a 211 pro ontop, and theres your horn, with more speakers.
  15. i think you've made the right choice. sounds like a nice, versatile rig.

    i had played a 411 Pro in the US (hard to believe, they're so hard to find). using the quad VI head is what lead to me eventually buying a quadruplet preamp. warwick amps and cabs sound great. it's too bad they're so expensive and hard to come by in the US.

    i don't know if they still do, but for the US guys in this thread, elderly instruments in lansing, MI (web site here[/ur]) used to stock warwick amplification. maybe they only have the little combos now.

  16. These are the stats of the 411 pro cabine. the information is not availabel on the international site for some reason, but the german one, www.warwick.de seems to be more up to date

    # 4x10" speakers
    # HF horn with attenuator
    # 600 watts
    # 8 ohms
    # Vented cabinet
    # 675 x 605 x 485
    # 41 kg