Warwick RB Corvette Multiscale Intonation Problems

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  1. Hag3n


    Oct 7, 2018
    So I got huge issues with my Warwick Bass.

    Warwick RockBass Corvette Multiscale, 5-String - Solid Black Satin | W-Music Distribution

    I think it's the first Warwick to have fan frets and it kinda shows.

    When I got it I wasn't able to get the intonation on the G and D String right. They would always be sharp no matter how far back I adjusted the bridge. After trouble shooting a lot of things I decided to just change the strings. Went for some Daddarios and they intonated correctly but I had to remove all the springs in the bridge just to get them right. While that fixed the problem I was thinking that can't be right either. I shouldn't have to remove parts of the bass just to make it intonate correctly.

    So couple of months later I had to change strings agains and I went for rotosound stainless steel strings. This time G and D strings are okay but the rest is just waaay off. Especially the B string. It's 12 cent sharp on fret 12 and 35 cent sharp on fret 24.

    Things I already did:
    -lowerded the pick ups (I heard the magnets might mess with the intonation)
    -checked that the strings are correctly angled at the bridge and the sattle (see pics)

    Any ideas on how to fix this? Do I have to relocate the bridge?

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  2. Hag3n


    Oct 7, 2018
    To answer my own qestion:

    I got so frustrated I took a drill and repositioned the bridge. Not something I would recommend doing and that should be necessary but I did it and made it work. Intonation is not a problem anymore.
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