Warwick Rockbass Corvette Double Buck

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  1. Yesterday I acquired a Warwick Corvette in a trade.

    This is a "give it a try" instrument for me. I am not a five string player, I have confined myself to four strings for the past 15 years after a failed experiment.

    This bass is well loved. When I got home I have her a good cleaning, restrung her with nickle D'addarios. This is another experiment for me as I have been playing rotosounds for as long as I can remember. They sound pretty good on this bass. It took me a little while to figure out how to adjust the action. I'm still not totally happy with it, but I am confident I can get it to where I want it.

    For a Korean made (or maybe China, or Indonesia, or some other place) this bass is very well put together. When I had the strings off, only a few nuts and bolts needed tightening. Other than a scratchy pot, the electronics are in good shape. I am impressed with the pickups. They are loud and I get a nice growl out of them if I dial back the neck pickup just a touch. I am really accustomed to 4 string necks, so moving to a 5 string will take some time. However, this neck is pretty comfortable and doesn't feel like the baseball bat neck I had on my last 5.

    Overall I'm impressed. I have a couple of questions for you Warwick fans out there. The volume controls are push/pull- I believe these switch each pick up between series and parallel wiring. Is that correct?

    Are Rockbass Corvettes from 2009 made in China?

    Is there a tutorial on setting up this style of bass? The bridge on this thing is a monster. I am pretty sure I could get more out this bridge if I knew what I was doing.

    If I end up not being a "5 string" guy, I will likely restring this bass EADGC (or maybe EADGB? That seems to make more sense? Opinion?). For now, I'm going to give the 5 a try.

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  2. That sure is a sweet bass! Nirvana Black ash body is killer. You are correct about the pickup selection...last I remember, you can browse the Warwick site and download a wiring diagram and such for it.
    The Warwicks have a pretty narrow neck, so they'd probably be easy to get used to as a 5. I myself abandoned 4's a while ago and can only seem to play 5's....though I can't seem to get used to a 6 at all... :/.
    If you wind up keeping it, I'd suggest adding a preamp and 3 way switches for SC/S/P pickup wiring.
  3. Which preamp would you recommmend? Audere?
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  5. Thanks for passing on that .pdf. That really helped. (Guess I should've googled!)
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    If you search youtube, Warwick has a comprehensive tutorial on how to properly adjust the 3D bridge. It works a little differently than a standard style bridge, but it allows for inividual string spacing along with your standard bridge adjustments. The $$ is a monster pup configuration. Congrats!:bassist:
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    I have an 09 corvette $$ Bubinga NT German bass...she's heavy but has an amazing neck/wenge finger board. It is my "go to" bads and I am drawn to it every time I go to my bass stand (which also has a new Fender American Deluxe Dimension IV HH on it). It too, is fantastic....but it's is always my second choice...the warwick fits like a glove whereas I find the fender a bit cumbersome to play. I would have likely sold it or traded it by now...but my wife bought it for me as a birthday gift. (No, she doesn't have any sisters) ;)
    The YouTube sites by Framus/Warwick are amazing at explaining setups (as mentioned above). Enjoy it...they're an amazing piece of art. :)
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  8. I just spent a few hours with the bass, playing old familiar songs. I am becoming more and more convinced that this bass is amazing. The only draw back is that I am not accustomed to playing a 5 string. However, this is the best sounding 5 string I have ever played. The low B is well defined and isn't lifeless as have heard on other 5 strings.

    The bass is set up for a narrower string spacing than my Fender Jag (my #1). I thought that would take some getting used to... But it feels very comfortable.

    Why didn't a try a Warwick sooner?
  9. You can't go wrong with Warwick - German, Korean, or Chinese. I love my Double Buck 4 stringer. Glad you like yours.
  10. I think the one I have is Chinese made. I am not entirely sure how to tell.

    I'm not an active pick up guy, but I'm considering the pre amp idea.
  11. El Spearo

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    Here you go. watch them in order. I used to have a Rockbass $$, now have a German Corvette STD. My number 1 bass.

  12. Probably something like and OBP-2 with a stacked treble/bass pot. That way you can use the two separate volume pots you have now, and not have to drill another hole for a 4th pot.
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    That's gorgeous! If I were to own a Warwick, THAT would be the one, German or Rockbass alike.. The position of those two 'buckers couldn't be set any better.

    More of these need to find their way to Canada :crying:
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    I'm pretty sure all Rockbasses are made in China. All the ones I've seen have been well made and play great.
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  15. Once I'm sure this bass is a keeper (which seems likely) I'll explore that preamp. The only question I have in my head is: Can I adjust to 5 string?
  16. El Spearo

    El Spearo

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    Of course you can. You can adapt to anything given enough practice.
    I've been thinking of an OBP-3 for my vette, bass/treble stacked, hi/lo mids stacked and vol/balance stacked
  17. I've been away from the bass for a few days while I've been visiting family out of town. I've been thinking about scales and chords and how the b string opens up options. This is for a different thread I'm sure, but, I'm curious to see how my playing develops around the "new string".
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    El Spearo

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    I sold my last 4 string bass about 2 months ago, a rockbass corvette $$. I was not playing it at all. A few of the songs we play were originally recorded using Eb tuning, and they're easy to play in the 5er.also saves me some big shifts, I have more range in any given position
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    Very nice. I just picked up an 07 German 4 string Corvette $$ Nirvana Black. Used but not abused. I am liking it.
  20. An update (kind of)-

    I am slowly adapting to the five string. The low B on this bass is very well defined. This bass is a keeper for sure. I'm still not too sure about adding a preamp, it sounds pretty darn good through my Sansamp BDDI. I have it dialed in with a clean sound. I played it trough a local studios SVT with an 810 and I left with a smile on my face a mile wide. Who knew I would turn into a humbucker guy?