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Warwick Rockbass II GAS

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by plankspanker13, Oct 23, 2009.

  1. So, last night's gig cancelled at the last minute, and I was in music mode, and found myself close to the neighborhood GC, and went in.

    I am very impressed with the new Warwick RockBass products. They had the Corvette with J pickups in a 4 and 5, and a 5 in $$ configuration, all in natural swamp ash. They're all passive, but the $$ really opened my eyes to what passive can do. I honestly had to open the control cavity to see if there wasn't a battery hiding in there.

    The RBIIs have the 2-piece 'wick bridge and the just-a-nut, and the headstock looks more like a MIG 'wick; only the truss rod cover betrays the fact that it's a RockBass.

    I noticed a difference between the controls in the 4 and 5-sting J's, pointing it out to the sales dude. Warwick's USA website is not well-updated for these basses, and only has info on the $$, if one believes the drop-down menu options. The info is actually there for the Corvette Basic active and passive models, and I conclude that the control guide for an active was mistakenly showing on a passive model at GC.

    My main workhorse is a J-style bass (a venerable G&L USA JB-2), and I would consider a J-configured Rockbass as a secondary workhorse, so this would be an important point for me. The G&L has a very high output for a passive bass; one that the $$ would match easily, whereas I might have to throw some G&L pickpus on the 4-string J, if I went with it, just to match the output. I did like the volume/balance/neck tone/bridge tone layout of the J4's controls, and the relatively light weight. Considering that the $$ is $100 more in price, that's roughly the difference of dropping in G&L pickups. Throw a Hipshot Xtender on it, and I'd be a happy camper; it already comes pre-loaded for the Dunlop II straplocks that I insist upon.

    Warwick seems poised to be moving a lot more mid-level product soon, and I suspect that 'wick Club membership will skyrocket here at TB. All of that said, you'll still have to pry my FNA Jazzman LTD 2002 from my cold, dead hands.

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