SOLD Warwick Star Bass 5 - As New - Beautiful guitar - Fresh Setup!

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    Feb 24, 2011
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    Absolute stunning Warwick Star Bass!! This thing is basically perfect! Never really used outside the studio. Never gigged.

    When I was shopping for this bass, I tested Guild, Gibson and several others, and this one won for several reasons.

    1. The tone. This thing is brilliant! If you’re playing R&B, Country, Rockabilly or just want that vintage sound, this thing has it in loads!

    2. Build quality. Straight up, I’ve played the $5000 dollar German version of this bass, and no bull, the only differences I can see are:
    A) the bell bronze frets
    B) the headstock engraving on back of stock, and:
    C) the price tag.

    3. Color - this “Daphne”, “Sonic” or “Electric” blue is beautiful! The pictures really don’t do justice. It is absolutely stunning! Under the lights I imagine this would be rad!

    In looks, feel, tone and playability, this was virtually identical to the $5000 Warwick version. And better than every other brand I played. I honestly don’t know why anyone would buy the more expensive one, when you get the same bass for 1/4 of the price.

    I have upgraded this since getting it. I had Ulyate rebuild the pickups to warm up the tone a little bit, and I’m glad I did. It sounded great stock, but it had that Warwick-y mid thing, and it was good, but this really puts it in the wheel house for what I was looking for. A warm, smooth tone.

    18mm spacing - adjustable bridge 17mm-18mm
    35” scale

    A acquired this for a rockabilly kind of gig that never really went further than about 6 demo songs, and it just doesn’t get played.

    The inlays are strickers that are easily removable, but honestly, they make the bass look killer! You can take them off if you like!

    Overall, this bass is pretty much a steal. New these cost roughly $1200, and, these are no longer made in this color, and this one is already upgraded and ready to go. Brand new LaBella Deep Talkin’ Bass flats installed as well.

    Buyer pays shipping, and Bass will be sent in a decent gig bag. Trade value is $1000! Let me know if you’ve got questions!

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    Still Sold?
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    Yeah, just realized I didn't change it here. It's gone!