SOLD WARWICK STAR BASS II Bubinga Heaven! 2006

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    warbod.jpg Where to begin. Here is the one thing that is certain...I cannot find a flaw on this beauty anywhere. Terms like "dead mint', and "a perfect ten", and words like "flawless" and "pristine" are all applicable here. ( comes the "disclaimer"...I am a sucker for fret markers, so I picked up the ones that "stick' on, and after a deep clean of each of the 20 frets with my trusty, almost empty "WILBERT DRY FINISH LEMON OIL" I adorned the magnificent WENGE board with dot markers in the proper position, of course.. The WENGE fingerboard is perched on a perfecly sculpted chunk of OVANGKOL, a semi rare TONE wood that has been a favorite of WARWICK for at least two decades. (see pic).
    I've just taken the bass out of the "shop", where it was set up and intonated to perfection. I was shocked and yet quite pleased when the "action" was set incredibly low, with zero buzzing! Of course, the"adjust-a-nut" feature on the higher end Warwick basses is a real perk getting the action "just right"

    I fear I'm becoming long-winded, so I'll cut it A BIT. There have been hundreds of pics and reviews of this stellar example of German engineering. I strongly suggest visiting those "sites" (if you haven't already) for much more thorough and in-depth coverage of the German made STAR BASS II.

    Confession...I LOVE WOOD. The feel, the smell, the grain..why, I even like the fungus that gives us spalt.
    This bass I am offering...s/n G 145761 08, is flat out serious. Just the name BUBINGA gets you one step closer to Victor-well..maybe not. Supposedly.

    starbass.jpg warneck.jpg warneck2.jpg
    The attention to detail, IMHO, IS SECOND TO NONE. Certainly this craftsmanship would account for the price differential..on both the wholesale and retail platform.

    Price does include lower 48 shipping ....and those Fort Knox gigbags Warwick is known for.


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    SWEET BASS!!! I own a red flame top 2011 WARWICK STAR BASS II Custom Shop 4 string and these basses are AWESOME!!! Good Luck with the sale and to everyone out there this bass is worth owning!!! \\m//
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    I agree, just picked up a german star bass II and its really quite a nice piece, beautiful construction and it plays extremely well, effortless
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    What a beautiful bass!
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    Killin bass Lester...
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    really is, John....