Warwick Streamer: Jazzman vs. Pro-M

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  1. I am looking for a versatile, yet "slappy" 4-string, and am interested in both of these models. I used to own a Thumb 5 and loved the tone. However, I couldn't cope with the neck diving. So now I'm thinking Streamer -- but which one?

    The Jazzman has a J/MM pickup configuration, while the Pro-M has a unique setup: a double jazz pu in the Music Man position, with separate preamp for each half of the pickup.

    Your thoughts?
  2. I've played the Pro-M and the FNA Jazzman, which is similar enough to the Streamer Jazzman to make the comparison.

    Honestly, I think the Pro-M is the better slap-axe; the tone can be summed up one way--modern. The Jazzman is a more traditional sound, but it's just not HUGE the way the Pro-M is. Having two pickups that close together introduces too many phase cancellations when the pickups are blended. This makes the MM/J configuration a three-tone setup at best, two of which (neck solo and neck and tapped bridge) aren't all that special.

    The most effective setting for the Pro-M, I've found, is to set each coil volume equally, cut bass and boost treble on the neck-side coil, and boost bass and cut treble on the bridge side. Stick out your thumb and spank that sucker HARD, and you'll get a very "crunchy" tone with enough treble slice to eat through any mix. It's not "warm" in the slightest, but you want a "slappy" bass, right? I'm sure other EQ settings are warmer (neck-side soloed, perhaps?), but I was in my Stanley-wannabe stage at that point, so I can't comment too extensively on the fingerstyle.

    The Pro-M is being discontinued, so you can probably get one on close-out for a good price.
  3. jasonbraatz


    Oct 18, 2000
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    also, the Pro M has the Just-a-nut I, the brass nut that IMO is much better than the new nut. also, the neck is three piece wenge instead of ovangkol (which i think is better too).

    there's always a few pro-m's on ebay for under a grand, check it out.

  4. Nails


    Jun 4, 2000
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    Out of all the Warwicks I've ever played, which is close to the whole line, I've like the Pro-M the most. I was trying out 5s, and the Pro-M neck felt better to me than any other Warwick, and it looks cool-very Spector like which is part of why I was drawn to it. But I had trouble hearing what the tone controls were doing (I'd been playing a US Spector right before this so that could taint my opinion.) This may have been in part of a dying battery, and the fact that whenever I try out a bass amplified some guitarists starts playing metal riffs as loud as possible, I don't know what was up, but that broke the deal for me. I loved the sound I got, but I want versatility out of an active bass that costs that much. But as I said it might have been the battery or something else wrong wiring wise.

    Try both out side by side if possible, as said above the Pro-M is being discontinued and may be a little harder to find. See which one gives you the tone you like. I haven't gotten to try out a Jazzman so I can't comment there.