Warwick Streamer Stage I pickup\pre replacement

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  1. Dear collegues, I need your advice.

    I currently own Warwick SS I and I absolutely love its comfort and playability, but I do have some questions to its sound.
    It has stock MEC pre and pickups. I know some opinions that the stock combo represents the sound of warwick best, but this insane roar and growl work really bad with a bunch of effects I use and also i do not like its representation in a mix.
    So, I desided to replace it with smth more versatile. Which combo could you recommend? I play funk\hiphop and use some effects like filter, octaver, a bit fuzz and drive sometimes.
    Basically I need punchy vintage-style tone but sometimes i d like to have more agressive clean sound, I think onboard pre could handle it. Personally I thought about Nordstrand Big Singles + John East U-retro, but I'll be very happy if you'll share your personal experience.
    Sorry about my English, this language is not my native.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Tyand


    Dec 20, 2010
    Got the same Bass and recently swaped the Pre. But to be honest I'm looking for a modern Bass Sound. Vintage style punch is somth I don't think a Streamer is capable of. Not with the preinstalled PU.
    So i would swap the PU, not the pre. The MEC Pre is pretty decent, altough a bit hissy.
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