Warwick Streamer Stage I vs II ??

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  1. I've been browsing basses a bit, and thinking of adding a Warwick Streamer to my collection somewhere in the next few months..

    But i am still unsure if it will be a Stage I or a Stage II..

    The Stage I is made of maple wood, and the Stage II is made of African afzelia wood..
    What exactly is the primary difference between these two ?

    I've played on a 4-string Stage I in a local store once, and i loved it.. but how does it compare to a Stage II ?
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    As an owner of both, I have to tell you that it's all in what your looking for. As for recording, the Stage2 is better, and it's heavier in weight. It also has a better low end presence as well. The Stage1 is a mutha on stage. It's great live and recording bass as well, but has better mids and high end than the Stage2 IMO. Maybe soneone else has a different view.
  3. I agree with warwicknut. Having owned and played more than a few Warwicks I'd have to say that the Stage II is a "darker" sounding bass. This is probably due to the dense exotic woods used in it's construction (primarily afzelia) whereas the Stage I is mainly made out of maple which is brighter sounding IMHO. Both are wonderful instruments and the decision would be best made by playing each model side by side although I believe that the Stage II is more expensive which might steer you towards a Stage I.
  4. hey.. you don't happen to have a recording of both basses do you ?

    I played a 4-string stage I, but it had pretty low tone.. if the stage 2 sounds even lower.. woah ! :)
  5. i believe the stage II has a tighter string spacing than the stage I, if that's an issue.
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    Only the 5-strings have diffferent string spacing--the Streamer II 5 has fairly narrow spacing, like the Thumb and Dolphin (the other two wenge neck-through Warwicks), while the Streamer I 5 has full 20mm spacing.

    As far as other differences go, all-maple basses like the Streamer I (and the Spector, too, for that matter) always seem a little "one-dimensional" and lacking in midrange complexity to my ears. Obviously, it's a matter of taste, playing style, etc. etc. and other folks may well love them. I've played the Streamer I a couple of times, though, and it never really knocked me out tonally. On the other hand, I just picked up a used Streamer II 4 for a great price, and was amazed at how good it sounds. The wenge neck of the II really seems to make a big difference. (The little yin-yang inlays are pretty cool, too. ;-))