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  1. hey yall

    i'm new here, my first post......

    currently i have a cheap memphis junior bass goin into a yorkville 50 watt amp. it's a cheap setup, and i'm looking to upgrade to get a little more serious.

    what is your opinion on the warwick streamer standard 4 string double pickup? what styles of music are they best for, and would the slap tone be any good? also, i have heard the low end is lacking. by the way, i know that many people dislike them because of the feel, i happen to think they feel great. sound is what i'm interested in. the price i was given was $810 canadian (with taxes, it would equal about $600 US). any opinions?

    also (sorry for all the questions in one post), would there be any point in upgrading from a 50 watt yorkville to a 100 watt? i could trade mine in and have 100 watts for about $25 more. even if i hooked up speakers, do you think this could be heard in a garage-size band?

    thanks in advance,
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    Let me be the first to welcome you to Talkbass.:D

    Try using the Search function. THere have been a lot of threads on the Streamer Standard. Also try looking at www.harmonycentral.com for reviews.

    I know a couple of guys here have them, you will probably get some replies before too long.

    As to the amp question, more power is generally better. Try posting that question in the Amps forum, you should get quite a few replies.

  3. well, the streamer standard, i haven't heard great things about that bass. for some reason people have a lot of troubles with that bass and i have seen a lot fewer troubles with any other warwicks besides that one. Warwick corvette's (only a small step up) especially actives(bigger step), the FNA or the Proline(another bigger step) are better choices. I love warwick stuff, but personnally i wouldn't limit yourself to just that, i'm not sure if the old czech spectors are still being sold as musicians friend or not, but thats a really good bass they were selling for 900. Also i'm not sure if anymore new ones are around but the MTD beast got discontinued, and so you can pick them up cheap, about 400 to 500, nice and cheap for a pretty good bass. Anyway keep your mind open and check out a lot of things, but from what i've heard, if you're going warwick, stay away from the streamer standard(btw, i love the feel of the corvettes, they are real nice in my opinion) happy hunting
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    The Streamer Standard isn't a terrible bass, but it in no way compares to the more expensive Warwick stuff.

    I think the reason that most people here(myself included) knock them is because you can get something much better for the same $$$, or even quite a bit less, like an MTD Kingston for $500.
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    Hey there.
    I have a Streamer Standard with two p'ups. I've had great luck with it, and recently, a touch of bad luck.
    Lemme 'splain.
    I LOVE the way it feels. Love the neck. Lovelovelove. I play it through an SWR Workingman's 15 and it sounds great. I feel like I get plenty of bottom.

    For the price, I love it. I've had a lot of different basses (I'm hopeless when it comes to trading-in/buying another bass) and it's one of my all time favorites.
    Currently I've got a Corvette and a Fender Geddy Lee signature Jazz (also a nice bass.) And for some reason I always find myself going back to the Streamer Standard. It's lighter, sounds great, and have I mentioned I love the neck?

    Recently though, the body began to separate at the joints. It had two long lines running down the front and back of the body.
    Thanks to some tips from a few fellow TBers, I was able to contact Warwick and they're going to repair it completely or send me a new one. Now THAT is customer service. (Guitar Center, where I got it, says they've never seen anything like that.)

    Can it compare to a super high-end Zon or Fodera? Probably not. But I don't really expect it to. I'm just really into the tone and feel I get from it.

    If price is a consideration (and I got mine for $650US) then play a few others to see what feels best. But definitely give some consideration to the Streamer Standard.
  6. I too have a Streamer STD w/two pick-ups. It's ADEQUATE for the price (I got mine for $550) especially since it replaced a pretty crummy frankenstein Fender. I like the neck feel but the body shape is starting to get to me. I've had it for about 18 mo. and most of that time was spent just playing in my room (sitting, usually). I've started jamming with friends in the past few months and am finding it to be uncomfortable after standing and playing for an hour or more. Maybe I just haven't found the right positions and posture. That said, it's a fine stepping stone but it's by no means my dream instrument.
  7. they really are low end. I dont like them at all, i would say the corvette is a good choice. I mean at its price its comparable with an American Jazz bass, which is what it basically is a copy of. I owned a passive corvette and i was very very pleased with it. I would go for a corvette or another make, i really just dont like those Streamer Standards
  8. bman


    Dec 4, 2000
    Sandown, N.H., USA
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    Aug 13, 2001
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    I recently sold mine and upgraded to a Thumb. I had my Streamer for a year before upgrading, though and liked it for the most part. Personally, I love Warwicks and at the time didn't have the money to get into one of their higher end instruments. I think the Streamer is a good way to get the feel and sound of a Warwick at a reasonable price. The sound is a bit muddy I think, when compared to my Thumb, but what do you expect?
  10. I have one and i really like it. The sound is good; I don't think it lacks bottom end too much, but it seems like its strong point is the mids. I think it feels pretty good, but if I had the choice I would change the neck a little bit. The tone is quite versitile. I can get just about any sound i want out of it.
  11. thanks a lot for the help guys.

    i decided against the warwick. i decided that if i was going to get a mediocre bass as a stepping stone, i didn't need to pay 900 bucks for it. i went to the store today and traded in my memphis and got a 4 string mexican jazz for 500 canadian, and i haven't put it down since i got home. it's the only one they had so i was stuck with the color (light blue), but to me sound and playability are way more important. and it's got a great range of sounds, an ideal bass for someone who's only been playing 2 months.