SOLD Warwick Thumb 5 NT (Early 2005, German)

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    Here's a beautiful example of German workmanship! 1 black BG.jpg I've been playing Laklands and (although the Warwick is a phenomenal instrument!), I have just not been able to bond with this bass

    As you probably know, the Thumb Bass Neck Thru has been the flagship of the German made Warwick line for years. A new Thumb Bass 5 NT lists for $6,500 and sells for $4,700.

    The only things keeping it from being in Very good to excellent condition are the typical Warwick slight thumbnail wear (I tried to show that in one of the pics - it's from keeping a thumb on the pickup), and some cosmetic artifacts underneath the frets from a refret.

    The Warwick site has a place where you can enter your serial number and it will tell you all about your bass. So here's the info direct from Warwick:

    Produced: 2005-02-01

    Description: Thumb Bass, 5-string
    Natural Oil
    Bubinga Pommele body
    Ovangkol neck
    Black hardware​

    General Thumb Bass NT Features

    Bubinga body
    5-piece ovangkol and bubinga neck
    Neck-thru design
    MEC active J/J pickups
    MEC active 3-way electronics
    26 frets
    Adjustable nut
    Deluxe Warwick gig bag.

    I will entertain high end 5 string (Roscoe, Lakland) trades or interesting multi-bass trades as well.

    1.jpg 3.jpg 5.jpg 7.jpg 2014-08-03 19.21.30.jpg 2014-08-01 08.45.22.jpg 2014-11-28 11.48.27.jpg 2014-09-29 10.39.15.jpg 2014-09-29 10.38.43.jpg 2014-08-01 08.46.45.jpg
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    A while back my wife's kitchen scale (which didn't like something the size of a bass, BTW:D) showed 9 lb 15 oz