Warwick Thumb 6 Pickup Replacement

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  1. I am needing to replace the pickups in a Warwick Thumb 6 BO. The bridge pickup is not functioning at all, I took it into my local tech and he said the circuitry looked fine but the pickup measured as dead.

    I'm looking into what my options are, but I'm a bit unsure what exact pickups will fit. I'm not very familiar with the soap bar size and apparently theres lots of different dimensions available. Right now I'm leaving toward Aguilar, as I've heard good things about them in Warwicks. The correct pickup would be the D4?
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    I have aguilar dcbs in my thumb 6 and they are pretty solid. I am not a fan of the MEC electronics to be honest and so switching the preamp out as well may be worth considering but YMMV.
    The bartolini p4 size is what fits mine I believe.

    Which pups to go with depends on what aspects of your tone you like/dislike. If you loved the MEC stock tone, you could probably order some new ones. If you like single coil tone, check out the nordstrand big blades or zen blades or big singles. I prefer the blades as you can adjust the string spacing without worrying about sensing area. For a split coil tone bartolini has a plethora of options.

    For Dual coil humbuckers I would look into aguilar DCBs or delano dual coils. Very similar but the aguilars are cheaper.