Warwick Thumb Bass Bolt On 4

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  1. whats the deal on these ? ......do you guys have any experience with them? seem a little pricey at 1500 w a gig bag from gc, gc claims the special wood and rear contour makes this bass a few hundred more than a regular thumb 4 bolt..... for a bolt on neck.........nice sounding although, ......but no comparison when we used one last night against a high line alembic 5. for some reason it feels unnnatural to me, very light and unbalanced.....i know tone is subjective butwhats the overall concensus? are they at all popular?
  2. grooveguru


    Sep 14, 2000
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    I had one which I sold to get my Alembic. I really liked the playability and sound but it seemed to neckdive. That's a load of crap about the curved back/wood costing more. All Thumb bolt-on basses are carved on the back and use the same wood. Try BassCentral or Music123.com I got mine for around $1200.00. Your right by the way about there being no comparison between the Thumb and a Alembic. :D

    The Thumb wasn't my cup of tea at first but after playing it a week or so I fell in love with it. Would never have sold mine except I had to pay for my Alembic.
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    May 14, 2000
    I have Thumbbolt 4 , curved ovankol body, wenge neck. Almost never used because I get tired after couple of hours playing, cos slightly neck dive besides ,I have other basses too. Tone wise is not bad at all, similar of the neck thru with more punch.
  4. GROOVEGURU........i did notice on this thumb bolt 4 that the back of the bass, including back of neck, is a different wood than the front, darker more brown than the redish front. it also seems to sandwich a thin off white stripe. ...... if you look at the warwick website they show a full f+b pic of the bass but it shows the same wood front and rear at an 1899 list. i called jim at airport and he quoted me 1300 w gig bag, i think he has one of the one colored ones which im sure is just as good. hed prob drop a bit if i whined but i think the bass is a different wood (monotone)as you describe. ..........ok, i liedi got a wicked gas attack and i bought the freeking bass 2 days ago and i love it but i m sure i can do better than 1500 + tax w the gig bag and tools and wax and stuff. so im looking around and it seems i may have to calll some of the dealers, there arent too many prices listed on dealers websites. the thing is neck heavy, it dives. ive only had it 2 days so ill keep it a week or so and give it a final decision. this thing does want to make me play. i cant make it fart out on low notes, its just so versatile . this is so unnatural for me, im a big fender guy. and this bass looks so goofy but sounds so good..........well see. i might try an alembic since im going to be spending the$if you see any great deals out there on the thumb let me know........jim
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    Sep 14, 2000
    Central PA
    The newer Thumbs have a body and neck made out of Ovankol with a Wenge Fingerboard and a Black Adjust-A-Nut II. The ones from 97' and older have an all Wenge neck and a Brass Adjust-A-Nut I. My first one was from Music 123 and it had some cosmetic damage and they replaced it with one from their brick and mortor store in Philly and this one had been hanging in the store for awhile. My replacement had the all Wenge neck and a Brass Adjust-a-Nut I. I did prefer the second one better but the 1st one was nice as well.

    I would e-mail Bass Central @ www.basscentral.com, Music 123 @ www.music123.com and Bass Northwest @ www.bassnw.com for price quotes and go back to your dealer with them to see if you can get some cash back.

    Stick with the Thumb awhile longer and you'll see what I mean about suddenly liking it. I hated mine at first but after a week or so I fell in love with it. As far as the neck dive try a Comfort Strapp as this will help. They are available from Bass Central and R2 Musical @ www.r2musical.com. I was always a Fender guy as well but got used to the Thumb. I think the big problem people encounter with Warwicks is they they are so different and people try them in the store for a couple of minutes then give up on them. Keep at it
  6. this one has the black adjust a nut. the body looks like a two piece body, ......a back half and a front half glued together. the front is redish and the rear is brownish and the back of the neck is brownish. ......matter of fact from the back it looks brown, like the website pic .....from the front it has a red tone. in between the two slabs of the body is a thin off white binding......i cant find a pic of one anywhere like this ,......and my camera needs the batteries to charge so thats out for now.
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    Sep 14, 2000
    Central PA

    Don't know unless I see a pic?
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    Oct 25, 2000
    I believe you're talking about the GC 37th Anniversary Thumb Bolt On bass.It has a Bubinga top on an Ovangkol body.Warwick also has the Jack Bruce Signature Thumb made of Bubinga Pommele with LED's on the top of the fretboard.
  9. ya, my guy said it was a special bass built for gc, that must be it.......so how do i shop this one if these are indeed unique to gc. i guess ill just have to wine........ 1500 was steep i feel......