For Sale Warwick Thumb BO Professional Bass : for sale

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  1. Polywave

    Polywave Guest

    Jan 29, 2018
    I moved onto a sailboat and unfortunately my Thumb doesn't fit. I am forced to sell her.

    • She is from Germany, with the Ovangkol body.
    • All hardware is original from Germany.
    • She has active MEC pickups.
    • I replaced the phone jack because the original jack was getting a bit loose.
    • The volume knob pulls out to defeat the tone shaping circuit.
    • There is of course a balance knob for the two pickups.
    • The tone knob is a two in one knob with a ring and button for bass and treble.
    • I put flat wound strings on her.
    • She comes with the Warwick rock case.
    I can provide the serial number upon request (bass is currently stored on shore).

    Here are some pictures :
    Thumb picture 01.jpg Thumb Picture 02.jpg Thumb Picture 03.jpg Thumb picture 05.jpg Thumb picture 06.jpg Thumb picture 07.jpg Thumb picture 08.jpg Thumb picture 10.jpg Thumb picture 11.jpg Thumb picture 12.jpg Thumb picture 13.jpg


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  2. Nick Donn II

    Nick Donn II

    May 20, 2019
    Would you take $1400 shipped to California? Thanks for considering good luck in your travels.