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SOLD Warwick Thumb 'JD' 1985 4 string bass

Discussion in 'For Sale: Europe & International' started by Sable, Dec 13, 2020.

  1. Sable

    Sable Supporting Member

    Mar 18, 2019
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    United Kingdom
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    8D106F03-53A0-47BA-937B-C6050C8AD7F8.jpeg B8600CD9-1412-4BBA-BAC4-CF5C116FE7B7.jpeg F75E1991-66E2-47EA-ABD8-8DB76682E9F9.jpeg BA0993E7-0056-41D5-AFE9-1430EFA512A6.jpeg B706D362-90C7-4742-A88B-DCF293C3B489.jpeg 561179EE-8B70-469F-AB81-C4F87DB475D6.jpeg F3DEFABB-C08B-475B-9D15-5686F1AF0CF8.jpeg 1985 JD Thumb bass, one of the first 150 ever made. This is the second revision with the classic body shape, with the early shorter horn. Back in the days when Warwick was all about small scale handbuilt production. It's got that thin, skinny neck common of this era. Weight is 8lb 15oz... under that elusive 9lb mark!

    It doesn't state JD on the truss rod cover but back then all Thumb basses were "JD". The truss rod cover is quite special - it's made of solid Mother of Pearl! According to an email conversation with HP Wilfer of Warwick this was quite an expensive feature and used in the early days to designate any "custom shop" models built to a particular spec. In this case the active SD active pickups and the brass saddles on a black bridge are slightly different to what you would expect. You won't find many Warwicks with one of these truss rod covers. Jack Bruce had one on his 1985 fretless.

    Plays great, and has a nice low action all down the 26 frets, it sounds great with the classic thumb bass sound (piano like?)

    Apart from a small chip to the corner of the truss rod cover it's in great condition for a 35 year old bass, actually it would probably be in a pretty good condition for a 3 year old bass.
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  2. jkazam

    jkazam Supporting Member

    May 25, 2007
    Interesting bridge
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