Warwick Thumb Upper Horn Extender Experiments

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    Hi all - recently picked up a ‘97 Thumb 5 BO. Loving everything about the bass - except for the ergonomics on a strap. Neckdivey and a long reach to first position, classic Thumb issues. I found an old thread on the Warwick forums about a fellow TB member (Sietze I believe), who machined a double aluminum tube to fit snugly into the recessed straplock hole. This brings the balance point to roughly the 12th fret, allowing for much more conventional strap positions and less of a stretch to 1st position.

    I’m trying to recreate this with hardware I could easily find - using a 3” long 1/4” black steel pipe nipple, Dunlop recessed strap-lock, 4” long screw, and spray foam to provide interior screw stability.

    Will be updating this thread with progress pictures - here is the modification as it stands now:


    Has anyone else ever attempted to remedy the neckdive on a Thumb (aside from the normal high & wide strap, lightweight tuners, etc.)?
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    I need one for my buzzard
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    The name Thumb refers to the tendinitis you're going to get in your fretting hand from having to support the neck when playing on a strap. Warwicks are beautiful and sound great, but they've never given half of a f*** about ergonomics.
  4. What's funny is that by extending the horn like that you're almost getting a Corvette bass. I bet that's originally why they developed the Corvette body because of how the thumb body seems to not be the most balanced. Some guys really do great with it though. And you can't deny that tone though! :thumbsup:
  5. Any progress on the mod so far?