Warwick tuners - replacement question

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  1. I want to replace the tuners on my Warwick basses with higher quality units.
    I ordered Hipshot ultralights (model #20655), but they don't fit! The hole is too small.

    Will the hipshot 3/8" model fit?
    Any opinions on other, better brands?

    The Gotoh tuners that I have on the bass failed twice, so I'm definitely staying away from those.
  2. Means2nEnd

    Means2nEnd Supporting Member

    3/8th Ultralite is the absolute best option. On a five string bass it will reduce headstock weight by more than 7 Oz. great for Thumb basses. Also they are great tuners and are purdy!
  3. WarwickOfficial


    May 15, 2012
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    I'll confirm what Means2nEnd stated. You'll need the 3/8 tuners to fit properly, and the Ultralites are a great option. If you need any assistance, I can give you info for our distributor in Canada. Thanks!
  4. found them, and found a fantastic price with free shipping...
    $21.06 each!
  5. Gabriel51


    Sep 30, 2008
    Are they the "HB6Y - 3/8'' Y Key Ultralite "?
    Will these fit a Thumb?
  6. Jesusrocks


    Jan 20, 2013
    Manchester, CT
    I just got me a set of this hipshot hb6y and let me tell you, they look and feel great. If you get the chrome, they are silver and chrome, and are very light.