Was JACO wrong?

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  1. ok.. here it comes...

    I´ve got Modern Electric Bass... and on page 28 where there are Natural bass harmonics it says at 10th fret G# C# F# B from E string to G-string and those are the same harmonics that are on 4th fret... but if i´m not mistaken then these harmonics are supposed to be at the 9th fret, am i right? but i can´t hear better than those are the notes an octave higher than the harmonics on 12th fret...

    I know that these harmonics can be hard to get.. so start telling me i´m wrong...

    anyways... I should go study for my exam...
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    Nov 28, 2000

    Here is a run down of all harmonics for a 4 string in standard tuning, going from the E string to the G string.

    Fret 1.6 / B E A D Rare harmonic
    Fret 1.8 / G# C# F# B Rare harmonic
    Fret 2.1 / F# B E A Rare harmonic
    Fret 2.4 / E A D G Rare harmonic
    Fret 2.8 / D G C F Rare harmonic
    Fret 3.2 / B E A D Unusual Harmonic
    Fret 3.8 / G# C# F# B Unusual Harmonic
    Fret 5 / E A D G Common Harmonic
    Fret 7 / B E A D Common Harmonic
    Fret 8.9 / G# C# F# B Unusual Harmonic
    Fret 12 / E A D G Common Harmonic


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  3. yeah.. exactly... that book is wrong...

    you CAN get a harmonic from the 10th fret but it´s really hard and it is(if my ear is right-tuned) an octave lower than on the 12th fret... as i said before.. :)

    this is a pretty big mistake IMO... especially in such much-used book...
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    Mar 14, 2000
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    i have that book too, i'll check it out when i get home. :D now i'm curious.

    btw you wouldn't get a harmonic an octave lower than the one at the 12th fret - that would make it the fundamental - the open string.
  5. DOH! stupid me!! :mad:

    of course! I knew that... :)

    seriously... I DO know that.. what was I thinking?! :eek:

    OMG!! i´ve got alzheimer

    OMG!!! i´ve got alzheimer...

    (ok... i know it´s not fun to make fun at people with alzheimers...)
  6. ok... I´ve spent some time with my bass (5-string tuned E-A-D-G-C btw...) and if there is even a harmoic then that´s 2 octaves HIGHER than the 12th fret harmonic... at least that´s what I found on my bass... and this is my final statement... this has been driving me nuts all day and I haven´t had time to study for my exam! :mad:

    anyway... someone PLEASE tell me i´m wrong so I can go study for my test!! there are 9 hours till it starts and so many rules to learn(exam in icelandic)...
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    Well , whatever - I don't think you can blame Jaco. He had nothing to do with the production of this.
  8. The harmonic at (about) the 10th fret is a 7th (F on the G string). You'll notice that it sounds out of tune compared to a fretted F, that's because fretted basses are out of tune no matter how you tune them.;)

    What are rare, unusual and common harmonics?
  9. you´re probably right about fretted basses being out of tune...

    and common harmonics are those used commonly(duh!) :)

    unusual harmonics are less used and rare even less used... :)

    i think...

    btw... I kinda knew it wasn´t jaco´s fault... :)
  10. Inferno


    Nov 28, 2000

    rare, unusual and common harmonics refer to how easy it is to achieve a sound from that harmonic, ie:

    Common harmonic - the easiest to achieve.
    Unusual harmonics - reasonably easy to achieve
    Rare harmonics - difficult to achieve