Was listening to "The Lemon Song".....

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    May 26, 2008
    Isn't it amazing? I wasn't into Zep when I should have been (too hard for me, back then, and I was too young...:smug:...and a girl).

    But now, wow. And interestingly, the kids aged 13-20 are really into Zeppelin - all on their own, I'd say. I'm a teacher who requires a project on musical tastes every year (been doing that for 25 years)...and hip-hop/rap is barely perceptible, whereas 10 years ago, it was all that students brought into class.

    Zeppelin rules and will always rule. They're gods.

    Yeah, I'm a bit opinionated on the topic.
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    Apr 1, 2004
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    He does among those who really understand such things: other musicians... :meh:

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    Wish I had a music teacher like you back in high school (early 70's). Preach on!

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    Nov 1, 2005
    I have always thought Lemon Song is to bass as Little Wing is to guitar.

    I can hack my way through Little Wing. :)

    I have been working on Lemon Song on and off for a while. Getting real close, but it has taken me a long time to remember all the licks at the right time..especially when not playing with the CD! It is one song that had always amazed me. One day I decided to tackle it. Its not just knowing the notes...its the amazing smoothness with which he plays it. It is beautiful!

    I heard the Black Crowes version the other day. Bass player had the vibe but left out so many cool parts! I did read that he only had a few days to learn several Zep covers though.
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    have you ever seen the live vid of him playing piano on "hot dog" (from "in through the out door"). jpj's got some mad talent (above and beyond his incredible bass playing)!
  6. I love when someone just "discovers" LZ and realizes the true, very dynamic musicians that they are. Like I mentioned in an earlier post, this is a band that "disbanded" in 1980 and is still discovered by every generation, still sells in excess of a million albums per year! And are all still musically active today! We all know about the upcoming LZ tour scheduled for the end of this year, imagine what thats going to be like. Sooo, even though you found them late you can still make up for lost time by immersing yourself into everything they've done, and marvel at the genuis, yes, sometimes simple genious, but genious nonetheless. Rock on gurl!
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    Dec 10, 2004
    I find when trying to play along with Lemon Song is that, if you want to carry it off with the smoothness JPJ manages, your right hand has to be really consistent in the attack, and, which is what I struggle with at the moment, the ring and pinky fingers of the left hand have to be strong and quick enough to carry out some of those chromatic runs. For me it's similar to trying to play a song like "Give It Up or Turn it Loose" or "There Was a Time" by James Brown.
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    Mar 4, 2005

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    At the risk of dating myself, this tune appeared on the 2nd album right after I had started playing bass. To say the least, I was completely blown away by this (relatively) obscure tune for its amazing bass line. In fact, I sort of had the same reaction that I had when I first heard Jaco. The line just has a yin and yang to it that completely IMHO captures a groove oriented bass approach. And I believe it is primarily the feel and syncopated phrasing that make it.

    So, in those days, hearing these big groups live wasn't always easy for a young cat; but I did have access to bootlegs of live recordings, which I bought persistently trying to hear some kind of additional rendition of the tune. I still have some of those.

    Here's the thing. I never ever heard JPJ capture any kind of groove like that again. In fact, I never heard him get close to that on any other recordings either.

    How come?

    Please don't flame me for this, but it makes me curious if perhaps some studio cat ghosted that line.

    And, believe me, I am NOT questioning JPJ's musical capability, integrity, etc etc AT ALL. So, for all you JPJ fans, please don't get defensive. I dig the guy's playing. Its just that this line seems somewhat outside his normal work.

    In any case, it is certainly a bass anthem.
  10. Simple. 2 other Ego's. We know Plant and Page's attitude to JPJ in the 90's.....