was zeppelin II recorded with a marshall super bass??

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    Dec 10, 2020
    i came across this picture the other day. at first i’d be inclined to believe that the 2 rickenbacker amps to the left are for jpj to use, but then i noticed in the corner right by the marshall half stack that there was a headstock of a jazz bass.

    is it possible he used a marshall head (or maybe cab too) in the studio for a few of those sessions? or do you think that it was jimmy’s secondary rig that he just plopped a bass next to.

    good to also note that jpj did have a marshall super bass kicking around during 1969 and those early years.

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    But I don’t think it matters much; the tracks on that album were recorded all over the place, at different times, as they were touring relentlessly throughout 1969. Anything could have been used; I don’t know exactly when he took possesion of the Acoustic 360 rigs, but I’m guessing sometime in the summer. Those could have been in the mix as well. I don’t hear a marked difference in sound from the first album, where in all likelihood he was using the Vox amps left over from the Yardbirds that they had on the earliest of the European/UK shows… C568D97B-B2CF-457C-806E-99AE747E60C5.jpeg 257CD12B-14D3-411A-AD05-9E30063DC701.jpeg
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    ^^^dat first pic, yo...

    :::head explodes:::
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