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Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by wotnwhy, Mar 8, 2002.

  1. i've been ofered a 6-string washburn bass for 350 pounds (U.K) (around $500 USA)

    i haven't found out what model it is but i've been on thier site and the cheapest 6-string is around $1,300 so it seems like a good deal

    so what do u all think of washburn,
    reliable, good sounding?

    i know i wont be able to decide until i play it but so you all think that its a good deal to go for?

    thanx for any help


  2. i've just found out, it is called an XB-600, theres no info about it on the site so i can't find much info on it


  3. The XB-400/500/600 basses play well but are known for having terrible electronics. I considered getting an XB500 a few years back but ended up getting a Dean Edge Custom 5 instead.
  4. well my budget was 400 and the guys asking for 300 so would i be able to upgrade to decent-ish electronics with that amount of maney?
  5. Depending on what kind of electronics you'd want to put in it you could be paying upwards of $300. But with $100 you could do some really good work or at least a start. For all we know maybe those $10 pickups the pawn shop has kicking around are right up your alley. So it will definitly depend on you. Use the pickup forum and have a look around there to see if there's anything worth while.
  6. Mohawk Freak

    Mohawk Freak

    Mar 8, 2002
    I recently purchased a XB-600 on a cracking deal (£300 from shop!) these babies SHOULD be about 475ISH new so you're getting about the right price for second hand.
    I'm happy with the sound on mine (though the abscence of centre notched pots for tone is mildly annoying) although I think the strings have seen better days so I'm gonna replace em.
    I reckon a good buy if you want a 6-string but I don't know much else.
  7. neptune


    Feb 2, 2001
    I've heard that the stock pickups are off-size, so you can't just drop in replacement pickups without routing. I picked up an XB-500 cheap, and I'd like to improve it, but haven't persued it yet. If you find replacement pickups that fit, please let me know.
  8. Bartolini is the only company that makes replacement pickups that will fit the XB-400/500/600, IIRC.
  9. Sundogue


    Apr 26, 2001
    Wausau, WI
    I owned an XB-600. I loved the sound, the electronics, etc.

    The only thing I did not like was the fact that the bridge/neck angle design was flawed as I could not get it to adjust low enough for the close action I like.

    I tried adding shims under the neck to make the angle sharper, but it just got to the point where not enough of the neck was touching the body cavity.

    Other than that I liked it very much.
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