Washburn B20 Dead

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  1. EDITED Please ignore the following post. Further investigating turned-up a loose connection. Will look harder before posting in future.

    I picked up a Force 4 B20 at the weekend. There was no amp to try her out and I was kinda impulsive, she looked well cared for and time was short price was good too.

    So after a couple of days setting the action and intonation I finally get round to plugging it in. Dead no sound at all, quick change of the battery still no sound. I had a look at wiring and circuit board but found no evidence of scorch marks, nothing looks amiss.

    Thing is surely it should still play passive ? There's no clicks or crackles when plugging in.

    Anyone any ideas where to start fault finding ?

    Cheers K.B
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    Negative, assuming an active bass will play without a battery is wrong. I don't know how many, if any, can do this. Put in a fresh battery and then try.