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  1. MFreePbass


    Mar 2, 2014
    I have a Washburn SX-4 and am trying to find some info and pick up some opinions. Actually I picked it up in trade for some HVAC work and though I think it is very cool I am a Fender guy for sure.

    Does anyone know what these sold for new? I believe it is a "91" but am not totaly sure. It really doesn't seam like junk but has anyone had one of these and really liked it. Also, it has that single coil hum like a Strat even thru the P bass pick up. Are these known for that. I also have the original hard case. This isn't a great pic but it really is in great shape.

    Thanks for any help.
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    Good evening MFreePbass,

    It's not a bad thing that you try something different than a Fender.:smug: Personnaly I own and play an XS-5 that got active JJ pick-ups but got the same electronics and I also own a Force ABT B-15 that got the same Pick-ups and electronics than your XS-4 (same neck but different body as it's the previous model) and I could say that those bass are very very nice. You'll probably found the neck a bit thinner if you already play a P-bass but it's more similar than the Jazz bass. If you put a set of DR Silver Stars strings you'll be in Valhalla if you are a Classic Rock player. If you are more a slapper you'll be better with D'Addario EXL170BT. The suggested retail price of that bass in 1989-90 was 500$ and it was probably less for the street price, they were made in Korea with really good quality of finishing. I don't have any hum in my P pick-up with my B-15 but I have if I play the J solo on my B-15 and on my XS-5 but only if I put the treble at max.

    Hope I answer your questions,

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    Don't forget to come on the Washburn Club thread, there is a lot of other Tbers there that got AXXESS series bass like yours and they probably got different experiences than mine.