Washburn Force ABT - model, value, decent???

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  1. Was just sent a handful of pictures from a friend and told to "make an offer".

    Dude does not know instruments, so he has no idea what it's worth. Neither do I exactly. Poked around and found a number of "close, but not quite" Washburns out there.

    Key points -

    4 string
    neck through
    24 fret
    good quality tuners and bridge as far as I can tell
    2 PUP, look like humbuckers
    string through body
    4 knobs, no switch, so I assume Volume/Tone/Tone/Blend

    If I had to guess, I'd say "maybe" a $600-$800 bass used.

    I'm not in the market, but might grab it if I could get it for $400 or less.

    IMG_4166.jpg IMG_4167.jpg IMG_4168.jpg IMG_4169.jpg
  2. Looking at the pictures some more, I am beginning to thing I could turn this into an 8 stringer!
  3. NealBass

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    Jun 19, 2014
    I just sold mine to a fellow TB member. The only reason I sold it was to cut down the 9 basses herd and generate some funds. It played wonderfully. Sounded great. There's no 'top load' for the strings. It's string thru only (not an issue for me, but it was a surprise). I'd highly recommend it. I'll PM the guy I sold it to, in case he wants to comment.

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  4. Doc Mojo

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    Oct 29, 2014
    Looks like an active bass. I would offer $300 and go from there. It looks like a nice bass but used Washburn basses haven't been known to get top dollar. On the other hand if its something you like, get it.
  5. SP_EB4L

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    Good evening 62Jazzbass,

    That's a good bass but 600 to 800$ is too much as the higher street price for a new one (NOS as it's out of production since 2010) is between 350-500$. I like those older one 2004 to 2008 because they are string thru body strings and the bridge is a better quality one than the one on the last production model. It's an easy bass to play and as your TB members name is related to the jazz bass you surely like the feeling of this one. Also, as it's a neck thru bass the neck is real stiff so it's easy on maintenance. On mine the bridge pup is weak in comparison to the neck one but it's probably just a matter of distance between the pup and the string that I'll fixe sometimes but as I prefer deep and dark sound it's not bother for me. The pre-amp is quiet like death there is no hum at all when you soloing one pup or the other. No dead spot, no neck diving ,Jazz bass neck width. For 300$ you have nothing to lose, since I got mine I play regularly with this one and I'm happy with it.
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  6. Good stuff guys. Mi found one on eBay finally, in the UK. Asking $422 plus $60 ish in shipping. Seeing some of the others, I'd agree, they seem to be good quality, but they don't fetch much used. Maybe a bit of a sleeper? Wonder if I could grab it for $200?

    I like the idea of 8 string conversion, it looks like it could handle it. @Canadaneil - I think I might have seen yours in another thread, some guy who has about 6+ Washburns. I'll need to go look for that again.
  7. NealBass

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    Jun 19, 2014
    Yes, that was mine. The guy I sold it to is 2 posts up ^^ SP_EB4L.
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  8. NealBass

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    Jun 19, 2014
    Here's a couple of Washburn 8 strings with a similar monorail bridge. They might give you some ideas.



    A different bridge:


    Washburn make a few different 8 strings, you may want to check out too. Lastly, you may want to poke your head into the Washburn Club here on TB. Great bunch of guys and gals.
    Good luck!
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