Washburn Vulture II vs B-40 vs B-20 Stage Bass

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    Heya Guys: DId not want to clog up our Washburn Club site with this in case it gets lengthy, so here is its own research thread.

    But here it is:
    1.The Vulture II was the high-end of the 3 "hollow-body shaped" archtop basses (with the Scavenger and Vulture I). Note in the close up picture it has 2 pickups, 4 pots and a toggle switch.


    2. The B-40 followed the Vulture II as the first "traditional Fender-shaped" body, also 2 pickups, 4 pots and a toggle switch. (Picture #2)


    3. The B-20 Stage Bass and the BBR variant-----also 2 pickups, 4 pots and a toggle switch. 1980-84

    In the interest of getting to the bottom of the history of our vintage Washburns. I would like to see if Washburn changed the values of the identical-looking electrical packages to give these 3 basses different voicings.

    A)--What are the pot values?
    B)--What are the values of any resistors (if any) or any other components in the electronic guts of the two bases?
    C)--Can we verify the pots do the same thing in the same positions on both basses, i.e. 1st top pot is a vol for neck pup, behind it is tone, bottom 1st pot is vol for bridge pup and behind it is tone?
    D)-- Are the pickups truly the same?
    E)--Wiring procedure the same?
    THIS IS PART ONE of the Electrical Packages history of our wonderful Washies.
    So I ask Vulture II, B-20 and B-40 owners to delve into this and get the results into this thread if you can be so kind, and lets see what we get!

    (PART TWO will be:
    As I do not trust myself to be accurate on electronics so I am going to be taking my 1981 SB-40 and Force 40 BBR in to a tech who can do a schematic and values therein and then seek comparisons of:
    SB-40 vs Force 40 vs Force 40 BBR vs B-40EQ to see any evolvement or just any changes between voicings for these vintage basses (as they all shared the SB-40 elec package of 3 pots, toggle and mini-switch, but not necessarily the values within---and that is what the historical search entails.)

    Thanks everyone:bassist:

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