Washburn XB-600 6 string $400

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  1. This an blue/green Washburn XB-600 6 string bass. It has a slim neck and nice low action. The bass has J style active pickups with treble and bass controls. A good bass all around bass that sounds good and plays nicely. I'll ship wherever you want as long as you pay all shpping charges. You can email me at smear4life@hotmail.com if you have any iquiries. Thanks!
  2. Another pic:
  3. Nick Gann

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    Mar 24, 2002
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    curious... why are you getting rid of it?
  4. I've found I'm more comfortable on 5 strings and I need money to pay off my new bass.
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  7. C'mon, I need to sell this thing! Make me an offer. . .
  8. Alright, I guess I'm not going to get $400. I'll go lower; make me an offer.