wasting our recording cash...

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  1. so....we spent 2 extra days in the studio because our singer thinks he is a producer....... uhh, yeah....

    anyway here's hoow bad it was... he thought that duct tape on a drum head was what the drummer was "aiming for". he had no idea about dampening. oh yes.... there's a lot more... :eyebrow:
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    Apr 6, 2003
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    singers shouldn't be allowed to touch instruments. Drummers should listen to drummers and producers, that's all.

    What else did he do ?
  3. where should i start.... he wanted to do levels AND mixing before all the instruments had even been recorded!!!!

    him: "the drums are too loud"
    engineer: "the bass needs the drums to record"
    him: "well, we can fix that right????"
    engineer: :eyebrow:
  4. You need to confront HIM!, soon! It's a monetary issue, now! Don't waste your time venting to us; tell him what the issues are before you're ALL broke and on the street!
  5. well, everything is in his name, so that's an issue... he's a good dude, really, but he doesn't know squat.... here's another....

    him: "we need to do that drum take again"
    engineer: "but we have 10 takes already"
    him: "yeah, but he's gotta nail it"

    we are recording with protools so.... you can finish that one... :D

    ha, he was so toasted when we played Truckee 2 weeks ago we get this from him in the morning "Sorry for only playing 5 songs last night, but $800 for 5 tunes is alright, yeah???? (act real excited here)"

    our response: "dude we played for 3 1/2 hours.. where were you????"

    i love the guy, we are a party/raging (travelling circus....) type of band so i kinda expect it...