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Water damage and hard cases

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by DeathDancer, Apr 9, 2009.

  1. DeathDancer


    Oct 10, 2005
    So... just need to vent/whine a little..I only have a small bedroom in a townhouse where as my father is by himself with a whole house so I used his basement for storage of everything I can't fit in my current room since it seemed logical rather then renting storage space. Well the night of my last gig he tells me the basement flooded, aparently the water heater blew up and all 40 gallons went onto the floor.

    Once I got a chance to inspect everything I was very surprised to discover that my basses that got damaged were the ones in the hard cases. It never dawned on me before and I'd often thought I needed to get hard cases to replace the gig bags for my two ESPs but my ESPs were nigh touched by water where my Mustang and old Washburn were the ones that got it bad. Those hard cases soaked up the moisture and brought it all the way up the neck! THe 67 Mustang has it the worst (pic attached) the Washburn's treble side of the fingerboard and frets are gunked up and waterlogged. The cleaning crew's dehumidifiers have helped but I don't expect either are very playable anymore (not that I played them but they were my first two basses). The homeowners policy adjuster is basically saying 'tough' collectibles aren't covered w/o a sep policy and only the mortgage holder can claim any items whatsoever even though I'm still listed as living there as far as the insurance company is concerned at least. Just my luck!

    Anyway, I can live with a few amps, midi controllers and such being trashed the basses have sentimental value though. At least my Modulus, Trace and all my actual playing/recording gear wasn't there but still. :(

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