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For Sale Watkins WEM Wilson Rapier Bass 1966 England World Cup

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by manfish, Nov 29, 2017.

  1. manfish


    Aug 2, 2005
    City Of Angels
    Here is a Watkins / Wilson / WEM Rapier aka Saphire UK made bass. Plays and sounds fab, Its a 60s model, probably a one off with St Georges crosses which Im guessing were factory in honour of England winning the 1966 World Cup. Very swinging London looks and sound. It had a tiny stress crack near the bridge where the body pieces were glued which didnt affect playability, or sound at all or looks much. Its not obvious at all and could be made 100% invisible in a few mins. It also has one of the bridge height adjusters removed to slide the saddles back for better intonation. I might / should still have the bits and will include them if I do but lets assume theyre gone. Theres a ding on the back of the neck and many small dents, scratches etc after 50 years but looks pretty sweet. This bass has balls and does retro thump as well as fat classic rock. It does a great 60s pick sound (Gainsbourg Je Taime Melody Nelson which was in fact another Brit, a Burns Bison) as well as mustang-like and Beatle esque punchy sounds as well. The controls are volume and a 4 way pickup preset selector with: bassy, two fat Fender like variations and a trebley sound... probably; neck only, both series, both parallel, bridge only. Its a 30" scale, thin fast neck. Mustang, EB3, Hofner and such players will feel right at home. Btw WEM made the copycat echo and gear used by almost everyone back in the day. The reason Im selling this beauty is that I have a 1961 Burns Bison bass which does quite similar sounds and is long scale which I prefer. Shipping to Lower 48 US only. Local collection in L.A. as well. Thanks! Wem wht - Copy.JPG WIlson body.JPG Wilson crack.JPG Wilson neckplate.JPG Wilson Pickups.JPG Wilson back crack .JPG

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